advisory committee

  • UN declaration on Human Rights Education: first step

    We appreciate the current status of the work carried out by the Advisory Committee on preparation of a draft UN declaration on human rights education and training. Regarding the preliminary draft prepared by the drafting group of the Advisory Committee, we would like to highlight the efforts of many civil society actors that have made valuable contributions by responding to the questionnaire circulated by the Advisory Committee, and by making presentations at the Seminar in Marrakech.

    It has become clear that the declaration should adopt the rights-based approach to human rights education and training. All marginalised and vulnerable populations are in need of human rights education and training to defend their own rights. The aspect of gender equality and the role of women should also be included in the drafting process.

    We appreciate that all stakeholders are invited to submit their comments on the preliminary draft for which the deadline is set to 25 September. Yet, we find it necessary that the following modalities be considered for all stakeholders throughout the drafting process: 

    · First, between the January 2010 session of the Advisory Committee and the March 2010 session of the Council when the first draft is expected to be ready, all stakeholders should be invited to provide comments on the first draft.

    · Second, an interactive dialogue, specially focusing on the first draft of the declaration should be considered to be held at the March 2010 session of the Council.